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Alright gorgeous xx

Hey how u doing this morning x

Good babe yourself xxx

Yeah I'm good thank you. Just at work tho sadly, I want to be outside as the sun shining today ha x

Ah bless where do you work x

I work in and out of ██████, today I'm working from ███████ █████████, have a office here and one in █████ ██████████. What about you what u up too x

I'm in bed babe just woken up whereabouts do you live xx

Your gorgeous by the way xx

Oh really, lucky you! You not doing anything today then?x

I live in ███████ █████████, what about you!x

Yeah I start work at 1.30 and ██████████ babe x

Aw thank you! I don't really like photos of myself that much. Your pretty yourself as well c

Ah what u lucky devil what time u work till then? Ah ok cool x

Thank you babe I think we should meet up and about 10.30 tonight xx

Your very forward for a girl aren't you 😄 not many girls would come out and say that straight off! Quite late then, what do u do x

Yeah I suppose and I'm a delivery driver xx

I would so fuck you though xx

No way that's what you do!! What made u do that? Not many 19 year old girls who are delivery drivers x

Hahahaha 😄 why thank you! I would fuck u too. Where u from, you look mix nationality x

I don't no really took after my x

██████████ and I'm English xx

Dad x

Oh ok fair enough, u enjoy it?x

It's alright it's a job I suppose you live on your own x

Ah ok sorry my bad, you look like you have a bit of Italian or something in you 😄 x

Nah sorry x

Na I don't at the moment I live with my family, whys that? So u can come fuck me lol joking x

No need for sorry was my mistake lol x

Maybe 😉x

You could fuck me in my car xx

Hahahaha x

U going to drive over to me then x

Yes babe x

Even tho we haven't met!! X

Yeah so that's how we meet x

Do you wanna take my number babe x

So we meet and have sex straight away! Couldn't be a better way to meet lol. Yeah ok x

Send it over x

07█████████ and we don't have to have sex if you don't wanna xx

Haha I'm not saying I don't want to! Just little taken back by you, most girls don't usually come out with that straight away x

I'm not a girl by the way x


Why is ur photo of a girl thrn

It's not x

Yes it is

I don't know why u have come up on my thing I ain't gay

And ur photos of a girl

Send me the pic over text x

Your a girl though


No I'm not

I'm a guy

You have pics of a girl though



So do u

Well this is awkward

This Tinder thing is fucked up

Hahahaha just a bit

I'm not a girl tough

You no

Yeah we have discovered that

Ur photos of a girl

A fit one as well

I shouldn't be don't no why it's doing that


Yeah obviously! Mine shouldn't be a girl either


And shouldn't be coming up on guys timders as a girl

You no

Makes sense why I thought was strange a 19 old girl coming out saying id fuck u 😂😂 make for a funny story tho

Yeah sorry about all this

No worries


I'm just annoyed u ain't this bird she looks a weapon! What do my pics look like then?

A girl in bra and nickers jumping into some water

Hahahaha naaaa

Need to call tinder up and get them to sort this shit, can't be having more of this

Making me question of any my other matches are guys lol


Haha it's cool anyway mate. Made for a interesting Monday morning. U know if u can actually speak to these tinder people!! Obv u don't want to be coming up as a girl on guys apps an I don't want same either