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Hi Shaneka.

Was that a successful crabbing trip?

Haha wrong chat but I'll give you second chance

Wrong chat?

Aren't you crabbing in your first picture?

First picture should be a blonde guy wearing a grey tshirt

And my name is Nils not Shaneka

Haha really?

Think tinder must be broke then because I definitely see a brunette girl on a beach

Haha no sorry, I'm definitely blonde and male

Are you the blond girl on a bridge or is it also someone else?

What is going on?

Is this some brilliant but evil joke?

I'm a blonde male also

Where do you live? My tinder says you are a mile away

Must be a joke haha. Yeah it says you're a mile away I'm in █████████

It says your name is Quiana

Haha. I remember seeing a Quiama actually


Yeah I'm █████████ too

Wouldn't it be funny if we knew each other?

Know any Sam's?

Actually, just remembered

Your name is Nils, I don't know any Nils

And I don't know any Sam. Suppose I have to ask future matches if they're really female haha

Yeah how strange is that

I thought I'd got a match more attractive than usual too