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Sup cutie pie! :)

Hey 😃

How's it going?

Pretty damn good

Anyone tell u how pretty u look today?

Good to hear, it's pretty late you abit of a night owl?

Constantly all day, it got very tiring to be honest.

It's a curse really

Yeah I try to sleep early but never seems to happen

I get distracted

Haha...ok ill stop

I hear that, I spent about 2 hours today reading facts about animals. Not a productive working day

So what is it you do?

Well go on then, impress me ;)

Otters hold hands when they sleep in rivers so they don't drift apart. They also give their partners their favourite rocks as presents

Sometimes sloths grab their own arms thinking they are branches and fall to their deaths

That's actually pretty cute

Haha omg....

Would u accept a rock as a gift?

Platypus have no nipples so they sweat milk, they are also one of only 2 mammals to lay eggs, the other being the echidna

A proper nice one maybe


I mean it would have to be a REALLY a nice rock

I have a collection

No really i do

I have a pet rock

I called it dwayne

I really hope you have a rock collection. Can I ask why though?

This rock i got is pretty awesome. I picked it up in Ecuador. its volcanic ash that solidified !

Lol I hope he has a good eyebrow

I went travelling in south america so i just had a habit of picking up something in each country

Since i had no luck with women I settled for rocks

See now that would be a rock worthy of a present. An otter brings that as a gift he is getting some

Much easier to carry around

Yeah I do this on nights out aswell

Lot of rocks in my room

Happy otter - happy beaver :)

Keeps dwayne company

If only i had known a rock was the way to break the ice..

Simple physics

Btw i wasnt ignoring you I'm a teacher

Ignoring me? I only said hello 15 minutes ago but sure.

What do you teach

Tu habla espanol?


Ok thats great.

Thats not what i teach though

I teach english

Or i did

I worked overseas for a while

Came back

Going to start a masters in september

And you're 20 and beautiful. . .

That makes 2 of us

Your a psychopath using this to lure in victims aren't you?

U know what rhymes with rock? :)





What? No

Why the hell would i do that?

Well they do actually

Check my credentials..facebook mr


That's what a psychopath would say 😒

Im a normal person

A psycopath would say something like...roses are red, violets are blue, i have a gun, get in the van

Just seem a little to good to be real is all.

Not entirely sure how to convince someone you're not a psychopath....thinking about that makes me feel like im being psychopathic


Beautiful, smart, well travelled starting a masters and only 20. Gotta admit it's unusual

And all from my own 2 hands!

Im gonna have to break your heart a little though, I'm not 20. I was 20 2,848 days ago.

27 then fair enough, that's fine with me. I'll check your credentials then.

Though I may need more to go off than just Shawnee, what've you been up then today? Luring unsuspecting victims into your van?

How much does chloroform even cost nowadays😉

17.98 a bottle.


Whats my name?


Shawnee something.

Roofies are cheaper. Step into the 21st century

Id prefer rumplstitlskin over shawnee

I had to google what a roofie is...clearly, you know your stuff

I have some experience

So what's your full name then?

I knew it

You tell me yours I'll tell you mine, and I genuinely think mine is worse


Weird name

So skye isnt your real name?

Shawnee isn't yours?

Hell no

Thats the worst name ive ever heard


Thats worrying

Says that's your name here

And you called me Skye, that's worse

Skye's a great name

It's better than mine I suppose

Well im gonna use my real name

So where's Skye come from? You've got me a little confused here

Cos i like it more than shawnee



Thats your name on here

Well this is weird


Yep have blonde hair and super white teeth in your photo

Is this u?

Sure why not

Have we been hacked

Or is tinder playing games

One of the two

If it makes you feel better reading the messages from a lads perspective you make a mint girl. Kudos 👍


I'm a guy mate.

You've come up as a very attractive blonde girl named shawnee


I'm guessing I've come up as the same picture called skye

No idea

It's kindof funny though


Guess we'll leave it at that

Do you feel abit weird like you need a shower now?

Sth like that

This is going to end up on the internet isn't it . . .

Not on my end

Well good chatting martyn. Let's never speak of this again pal. Safe!