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Hey you alright. Xx

Iya, I'm great thanks how are you? Xx

Not bad. You know were u from x

Cheers for swiping right. Xxp

I'm living in ██████████ now for uni, where you from? Xx

And it's fine your gorgeous 👏x

Oh are you were u orginally from. ? And. Tbh. That's why I swiped right on u. Cause ur gorgeous. 😉xxx

███████ I can't imagine you'll know where it is haha, oooo that's boss thanks 😉xxx

Haha. █████████ me. ️Xx

U on bbm

Oooo spent most of my life living in █████████, where about are you from? And Nope I used to have it like haha xx

Oh Ye. Nice. █████████. - what u looking for on here xxx

Nooo haha I meant where about in █████████? Haha, and not a clue to be honest anything haha you? Xxx

Oh haha ██████. Just looking for someone who I can spend my weekends. With and share things with. And do stuff with. Tbh. Lonley. Beeing. Single isn't it. ....,, with you saying am gorgeus. Is even better. Xxxx

Connection. # match 😉xxx

Ah right, and oooo so a relationship? And yeah you are one of the best looking girls I've seen 👏xxxx

Yup. A relationship. Best looking girls ? Xx

Fair enough, well best looking girl xx

You mean are u the best looking girl I've seen ? Xxxx

Yeahhh xxxx

Yess by far babe xxxxx

U on snapchat ?

You come home often to █████████

I have got it I don't use it much though, and I go home to ███████ like which isn't far xxxx

Ah. How long would it take u to ██████. ? Meet u have a drink. If u drink one day ?? Xxx

Or █████████. Town centre. - you drive then xx

Erm like 40 minutes probably, nah I failed my test haha xxx

Ohh haha. Not good. What you say to a lil drink. Get to know eachother more. Break the ice unless it's bin broken already haha xxx

Yeah I'm up for that haha, is the age group not a problem for you? Xxx

Cool sounds alright to me babe age group. ? I'm 23 only 3 years isn it not a problem at all xxX

Oooo good then xxx

😃😃 when are you free would be a weekend probz. I work Monday - friday xxxx

Yeah it'll be a weekend cxxx

😉a lil date is on the cArds then xxx

It sure is 😉xxx

It says your only 3km away? Xxxx

See ur 2nd pick that on a cruise ship babes. Xx

I've been on. A cruise round Caribbean 😃 3 km ? Am by ███ ████ atm lovley. Xxxx

How far away are you xxxxx

██████████ xxxx

Ohh. That's weird then haha. Unless I'm. 3 km away from ███████. Xxx

Hmm yeah maybe xxx

Like a Mile away 3km xx

Yeah haha xx

Hahah how often u come home. Xxx

erm just whenever I need to really, you should come up here haha xxx

Hahaha. Not to good with sense of direction me hahah. I'd meet u in █████████. Town centre. - were. It'easy for us both. - then perhaps come up to we're u are. If things. Went smooth xxx

Ages away █████████ for me haha xxx

Hahah. Ok I would like to meet u tho cause u seem lovley. And very. Attractive. Unless we talk. An get to know eachother. In here then when u come █████████. Can arrange to meet up. 😉? Xxxx

Sound good 😉xxx

😃 I do like you jus off the texting. You see. And I can see ull be nice in person. We're would I stay if I ever did come up to ██████████ xxx

I think your nice too👏and my flat? Xxx

Thanks babes. - ooh nice. I'd like that love 😃😃xxxxxx

It would be a good day 😏xxxxx

We could plan. It then. After I meet you. Do a weekend

That does sound boss

It will be. Oh will be of course romantic aswell 😉xxxxx

Maybe a little rude too?😉xxxx

Oh ey I wouldn't. Mind that. Babe xxx

I'd love it xxx

Love what. Beeing dirty ? Xxx

Yeah xxx

Arghh 😍😍😍 what if we got a hotel. If we met the 2nd time. Can show me how dirty u really are there. Xxxx

That's sounds good 👏xxx

😉how rude are you. I didn't expect you to say that to be honest hahah xxxo

Why haha? Xxxx

Haha. Didn want to make out. I just want one thing off a girl. But if ur wanting it welll nothin. Stoping me. 😉xxxx

I do 😉xxxx

Can't wait. To meet u babe xxx

The naughty. U are the better hah xxxo

Haha xxx

Hahah. Plus got the longest. Legs ever. Haha xxx

You do? Xxx

You bAbes xx

Ohhh how do you know?xxx

Your. DP haha xxxx

Ohh haha xxx

Hahha. Love em. Me personally. - frustrates me. Ur miles away. Haha. Xx

Should just come up here now haha xx

Thinking the same. Babe minds racing here xx

When ur home il give u my number xxx

Why?🙈 and that's good xxx

You saying. That. Should. Just come up here haha. That way. Can call so no wer to meet u xx

Should just come though xx

Don't no my way ██████████ xx

Just hop on a train xx

I would. After. Met u first xxx

No time like the present haha xxx

I'd come up for weekends. Spend them with you. Haha xx

Be better now though xx

Why now tho ? Xxx

You've made me wanna see you now that's all haha xxx

It would be a long distant. Relationship. Until after uni babe. -- I know I wana c u too xxx

How have I made u wana see me

Is it jus u in ur flat or got a flat mate. ? I stil live at home me xxxxx

You started being naughty 🙈And no I share with others, obvs have my own room and shower and stuff xxxxx

Haha u started it by. And been rude to haha - would we end up in shower together ? Xxxxxxxxxx

Would you like us to be in the shower together? Xxxxxxx

Yeah to right. Haha xxxxxxXx

Then that's the first thing we'd do😉xxxx

Really. Kinky. Steamy shower first ay babe xxxx. Jus us to

I couldn't think of anything better that sounds boss xxxxx

It dose do u no when ur comn █████████. Next xxxx

Not a clue probably be ages yeno xxxx

Oh. We could. Stil. Be txting then. - I do have a thing. For feet toes to lol xxxx

Do you send pictures? Xxxx

Of ? Xxxx

Like naughty ones xxxx

On snapchat xxxx

I'll get my snap chat back then 😉xxxx


Be able to talk to u in that. To. Xxx


N u cud. C me more xxxxx

I'd love that 😉xxxxx

Would you. ? Xxxx

What's ur snapchat name xxx

dane██████ xxx

What's Dane ?


Ur name dane██████

That ur 2nd name

What's your snap chat name?


Your names Ryan?😳


So your a fella?


What are you

U a feller ?

U bin single long

What did u mean by am I a feller ?