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Hi, how are you?

Hi. I'm good and yourself?

Not bad thanks. What brings you to the wonderful world of tinder?!

The usual i guess. Single, bored, looking to see who else is on and maybe go out on the weekends. You?

Thats not the Santa Monica pier in your photo is it? I love that place

Pretty much the same. Meet new people and all that. No it's not. I've never been there. Only part of America I've been to is New York. Would love to go to California one day though

It looks just like the one in your photo then again most piers do look alike =). You from England then I take it?

I am from England yes. Where are you from?


The central part though unfortunatly not the coast

Oh right! What's made you cross the pond?

Work. Ive been here almost 4 years now and I like it a lot for most part.

So what are you up to on this surprisingly warm and sunny tuesday

Weather must be better in ████ though! And I think Americans are generally more friendly and welcoming than the English in my experience!

I'm off work so not much really. You?

Really? I think its the opposite lol. I have yet to have a problem with the English

I work nights so the daytime is my time for most part

You surprise me. The English are rude! I love how patriotic Americans are. We need more of it here! Ah night worker. I do nights too. Shift work. What do you do?

I'm in the ████████ and I ███ █████████.


Wow. More glamorous than me but there is a tenuous link! I work at ████████ Airport. I'm manager if the car parks. Yours sounds much more fun!

It can be fun at times bad at others just like any other job i suppose. I have been to ████████ many times. Its great to catch flights out of there to Europe.

I wish America had cheap flights like ryan air and easy jet but sadly no

We may have crossed paths without knowing it. I've been there 11 years barring 6 months or so. Yeah it is expensive to get to the States. I've only been once but it was awesome.

Maybe although I'm sure I would have remembered a pretty lady working the car park =)

I have yet to go to New York what all did you see?

True haha! New York is the only place I went to. Was there five days and saw everything. It was 2004 so twin towers were gone by then unfortunately. It was cold though! Minus 15 at the top of Empire States. But it was mud February to be fair. You sound as if you're well travelled. Have you been to lots of different places?

10 or so other countries i think since i have been here.

I love to travel and see what i can while I am here. Week and a half i have a ski trip planned in Switzerland

That sounds cool. I must admit I've only really been to places as holidays. New York was my only one which was all about tourism. Did a bit in Spain but was held back by the company I kept at the time!

I get a few perks with my job and get to go on short work trips every now and then to other countries but I also plan trips out on my own too. Generally on 3 day weekends I have off. Bank holidays I think you guys call them

So what do you do for fun?

We do yes! I love that. We speak the same language but it's so different!

I like football (soccer), tennis, playing pool and going out with friends to the pub. Love music and would be lost without it

Ya it is kinda wierd how we both speak English but have our own unique phrases

Lories always gets me for some reason or how Brits walk up and ask people if they are alright as a greeting

That's common place. I do that myself!

I have played football and pool before. Now when you say pool does that equate to snooker or 9ball/8ball pool

Can't play snooker. I mean 8 ball. American or English. Doesn't matter

Ya I know its just growing up I have never heard those saying til i got here

Just wasnt sure if they were one and same or different. Snooker and pool that is.

In England

Can I tell you something without you un matching me straight away?

Sure lol

Please don't be scared off! I'm a Daddy

So you're a guy...

Er yeah! I thought you were a girl

Better luck next time then