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Oh hello 😘

How u doing

You Alrite trouble :) , yeah good thanks you ?

U look like u cause more trouble then me 😂 Yeh im good what u up to ?

Na never that halo above my head ;) , good good and just went had me beared trimmed at the barbers now jus poped to see my mate at work . What you doin ?

Wdf?!! 😂😂

You man or woman

I beg your pardon haha

Are u a man or a woman talking about beard 😂😂😂😂

What you mean haha my beard had me looking like

A alley tramp

It's still there jus trimmed and shaped I can't stand my beard to long



I wonder what kinda beard thats

What's ya number il txt ya a picture

How can i trust u 😂😂😂

U got woman pics and say u got beard 🙈🙈

Hahaha you could sell out the O2 with jokes like that

I should tell u that


So u tellin me u aint the person on the pix ?

What you mean corse I am

You ain't a catfish are ya lol

Lol do i look like one to u ?

Na lool I'm only messin

I need to call Nev for u

Til i see u live i wont believe its u lol

Lool you joker , see ya when I see ya then :) , I ain't watched that programme in ages last one I watched this girl thought she was chatting to lil bow wow

Lool yeh remember that still

Whats ure facebook name

Jamie ██████ , you ?

What's your last name sheen ?

Where you from anyways ?