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Emmie your glorious

I could say the same about you

Where you from

From █████████, but work in ████████████, yourself?

At uni in ██████. What's your job here?

Ooh what do you study? And boring Geeky it support stuff

In town?

Geography haha

Opposite to the uni actually

Ah cool

You commute from █████████?

Yehh I drive here and back everyday doesn't take too long

Yeah it's not to bad

You work 9-5?

9-4, living the easy life ;) haha

Living the dream

Go out much?

Hmm when I have money then yeh all the time! In █████████ and ██████ mainly never been out in █████ tho! Wby?

Yeah course

What you looking for on tinder then? Haha

Whatever anyone has to offer haha you?

Yeah nothing specific haha

You 23 then?

I'm not a haha my profile days 21, I'm 19 though 😳

Ah fair. Your profile says 23 to me!

Oh that's weird! On mine it says 21 but I put in my bio thing that I'm actually 19, I'm assuming youre actually 22?

Nah I'm 19.. Haha

Does it say I'm 22?

Yeh it does haha that's fucking weird

Yeah not sure what that's about

Have you ever hooked up with anyone off tinder?

Like a year ago, and only the one person, not used it in a while, you?

How did that work out for you?

Nah. Rarely use it. Rather go out haha

Was a one time thing and it was pretty shit tbh haha

You literally shag or did you go for drinks or what did you do

Well we met on a night out so we'd had a few drinks first

Ah yeh yeah I get you

Would you do it again

Depends who it was

.. Me hahaha

Then yes, I would

Haha good job I have a house here then hahahaha

And it's a good job I have a car to get about then


What's your surname?

When shall I come over then hahaha

████████, you?

What's your name on fb?

Chris ████████ haha

So your a guy

Well Yeh?

Right up my mates street

Il hook you ip

Not into lads

You haven't got a clue

Whaaaat? I'm so confused wtf is going on here

Your a joker


Nah dead



I'm so confused


Wtf is going on here

Your long


Thought we was gonna bang but naaaah

So we ain't fucking?