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If you're not a fake it's a fucking miracle

Haha really? Thats very sweet of yoh :)


Oh damn, miracles do come true. Well, hello I guess 😁

Are you really 2km away?😂😂

Haha i live in █████████████. Im not used to such compliments, careful i might blush ;)

Where are you now?😂 n'aw. You're so cute

Im at my friends house extremely hungover and trying to keep my eyes open. How about you missy? :)

Hahaa, sounds awesome, currently in my room cleaning. #wench, come for a bacon hangover cure?😂

Where do you live? Haha, also i doubt im much in the right attire and state. I havent slept in over 24 hours and im still wearing last nights clothes haha. 😜

You know where the college is? It's close to there. Yeah, and? That's hardly an issue, it's just a late walk of shame 😂 we'll go for lunch yeah?

█████ road? And sweetheart my friends house is in ████████, thats quite a walk haha. But i would very much like to have lunch with you, but not today, how about Monday?

█████ road isn't far from me. Can get there in about 10 minutes walking. Why not today? It may have to be a late lunch if it's on Monday as I have training until 2pm & don't fancy going for lunch in my sweaty kit. Or would you like to go out tonight? #party 😂

Trust me if you knew what kinda night ive had and how im feeling right now you'd understand im going nowhere but bed cuddling a bottle of jack tonight haha. And im back at work tomorrow untill monday. And a late lunch sounds just fine missy. And i cant meet you anytime soon today as im in ████████ which is just past ███████ so its ages away. But i promise monday is a date. My numbers 09████████. You can text me until then if you like. Also, what makes you so interested in me? :P

Wait. Your number starts in 09. Wtf.

Now I don't trust this at allllll

Sorry i meant 07█████████, im hungover forgive me haha

Righttttt. iMessage?😂

My friend said you can come here if you like :)


Yeah imessage me. And i dont know you'll get here, its like an hours drive :/

What the hell are you on about a hours drive? Thought you said █████ street or something?😂

Besides I have training at 4-5 then 6:30-8 & then I'm going out. So I doubt I'm doing anything today

No haha when you said you live by the college i asked if you meant the █████ ████ college. Im nowhere near ██████████████ right now, im at my friends place in ████████ which is just past ███████.

Waaaaait a minute. I'm in ████████████

How are you 2km away & in ████████? Whaaaaaat

Erm wheres █████████████? And i dont live in ████████ i live in █████████████, im just in ████████ at this current moment

Ahahaha. ████████████ is near █████████. Ah well tinder done fucked up.

*dammit, she was a cute one*

Yeah but youre cool, we can still work something out :)

I guess. What's your Friday like?

& thank you for calling me cool 😎

Well youre also pretty as fuck. And unfortunately im working friday. I wont be free until monday :/

I don't trust this. I feel I'm going to be catfished

Pretty isn't associated with guys.

So no

Haha add me on facebook sweetheart and you'll see im not fake :) my names Marty ████

When you add me i'll send you a picture of me right now holding a card bearing your name yeah?

Marty ████? What the fuck. What's my name?

Emmie right?

You havent told me your last name

Nope, tinder has massively fucked up.

█████. My name is Ben you fool

I knew I was being catfished

Tinder has fucked up

According to your profile, your names Erlene?


Youre kidding right? Erlene? What the fuck? What does my profile picture look like? And your not a girl with red hair?

Sorry to disappoint bro

Yeah, tinder done fucked up.

On massive proportions.

I'm doing a 'god' pose in my profile.

So no, it's not Emmie.

This is hilarious. Sorry to disappoint

So what the fuck, its telling people im a chick?

A blonde, short haired 22 year old chick

Who by all accounts looked pretty good. Until I found out she had a penis & was named Marty

Youre quite funny man, but thats fucked up haha. Anyway see ya man, better luck with the next one

I don't use it for hook ups unless their in walking distance. This app has fucked up since the update ahah