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If I offered you a pizza with pineapple would you: a:devour it B:pick off the pineapple and carry on C:flip it off the table and ask what sort of heathen puts pineapple on a pizza

Can I not give you d as my answer?

Well if you want the d...

Lubricate yourself. Be ready in 15 minutes.

I need to be lubricated?!? No deal

Maybe I'll excite you enough that you won't need it ;) are you free tonight? It's pretty hard for me to fit stuff in ;)

If only I was... I'm in ██████ ██████ till fairly late

I can wait up.

😼are you a bloke called Steve that's going to drag me away in his van

No van, but something else you can ride.

A lot of your references sound like I'm getting penetrated

Which....isn't ideal

You make it sound like you've already decided ;)

I've decided nothing's going in me

That's for sure if

Well, have you got a strap on?

What on earth would I need one for

Well, if you don't want to be penetrated, I might as well take the opportunity?

Oh well, I have my fleshlight.

Sorry that was my Mum...

That was your mum


On reading this back, if it genuinely was your mum then she's a bit of a legend

Sorry I got a bit excited last night, got carried away by the unbelievable chat. Had a good day today?

Well now I don't know who I'm talking to

Billy big-cock right here

Sorry was a friend. Want to meet up tonight? Xxx