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Hey! You have really pretty eyes!

Pancakes or waffles?

Easy, Pancakes. Whats your all time favorite movie?

Thanks! Not so bad yourself. 😉

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, wbu?

Coffee. 😊

Final question. Eggs or bacon?

Hmmm this one is tough but I'm going to pick eggs

Congratulations! Your application to be Ata's future ex-wife has successfully been submitted. Press 0 to be disconnected or enter your phone number to continue.

I'm going to press 1

Command not recognised. Please try again. Press 0 to be disconnected or enter your phone number to continue

Enter your number first ;)

0█████████ add me on what's app. 😘

Why is your profile picture of a guy?

That guy is me...? lol

Your a guy?

I've got a wide 8" that makes me pretty sure of that fact little lady.

What do you get by trolling tinder? I was really excited to have matched with a pretty girl and now it turns out your a dude with an 8" cock 😔

Haha, so you dtf? 😂

I'm cool with 3 ways...

We could team up and try find another girl who's game. 😎

Do you know any allot of girls here in ██████? I'm new here and if you could help me find a girl that would be amazing

Depends... Are you down for a theesome? X

Why do you want me?

Let's put it this way... I'd jump in my car right now and drive to you in heatbeat if you but gave me the word. 😉 X

Why? I'm not good looking

I think you're beautiful! 😍

Thanks. I wish more girls thought that 😔

Do you not find men attractive at all?

No, sorry