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Hey :)

How you doing?

Yeah I'm good thank you, how about you?

I am fine


Home alone

What you doing?

Ah that's not good! I'm just relaxing in bed watching TV

Ahh seen

What you watching?

Match of the day lol, pretty cliched


Which team you support?

Arsenal Lool very big fan


My mate is huge arsenal fan too

He is crazy

Have you done any crazy thing?

How tall are you?

Lool like what kinda crazy? I'm 6 foot 1 roughly

Nothing crazy

That's tall

Crazy wild night

Crazy things with mates

Errm had a few crazy nights at Uni yeah

Some stuff probably shouldn't be said Lool, some more innocent


What did you do tell me

One night thing?

One night we went out and we were on our way home at like 3AM, and ended up going to a party were we only knew one person and everyone was Italian and didn't speak English and I don't speak Italian lol

Ended up being there till the next day. Had no idea what was going on lol

Lol haha

Was a very weird night.

How about you? Tell me a story

Yeh but that's fun tho

I have done lots crazy things

Ah give me a story

When I get drunk I do stupid thing

Like last Xmas gone

I was fucked

I kissed a girl in front of everyone

Like in a middle of road

Lool ah that's not too bad, I know a few girls who've done that

I don't even know who she was lol

Ok listen to this

Loool well did you enjoy it?

I'm listening

I was drunk

Can't even remember


Another one

This is well crazy

I was talking to this girl on here

Last year

And we just chatting normal stuff

I just ask at 2 am in morning if she want link up

She said yes

So I went to pick her up went mc d

Went to*

Lol sounds like you should have match with a girl instead of me lool

We ended up spending night together

No you are beautiful glad you match me

Lool Aww thanks, you haven't got too many pictures but you seem very pretty

She only told me next day she was upset about something

And she wanted to have fun

Aww thank you

So yeah that was crazy

I would do that with you if you are up for link up lol

I got enough pic

What do you mean by link up....?

I mean if you wanna link up now I will pick up lol

I will pick you up*

Sorry my phone is messed up

Lol I can't now,

Are you sure lol

Just for couple hours

Lol nah I have to be home to let my brother in, he's forgot his keys

What would you want to do if we met up...?

Oh ok

Just chill talk

What you wanna do?

Yeah that would be good, few drinks would be good, see what happens

Yeh you can have few drinks

I am driving so I can't lol

Unless you wanna have drinks at mine

I got bottel of rum

When is your Bro back?

I don't know when he'll be back, p you live by yourself then?

Nah with my parents

But they away on holiday for 6 week

Ah okay that's cool, free house to do some crazy and naughty things


; )

It's all about doing crazy and naughty things lol

Have you done naughty thing yet?

How do you mean? Yet?

Just asking?

Have you?

Yeah but what kind of naughty do you mean?

I can be pretty naughty when I want to be

?? Sleeping


Are you really a girl Yeh

Or am I talking some creepy guy

Lool a girl? Why would I be a girl?


You said am j really a girl, why would I be a girl?

Are you or not?

Are you a women?

I'm a 23 year old man Lool Look at my pictures, that's not a woman is it lol

It has women pics

Lol no it doesn't, my profile has pics of me, a man

Or should I say girl pic


What does it say my name is?


No my name is Michael

Oh ok


So you're a lesbian then? Not interested in men?


Sorry mate

Don't swing that way

Only hot girls

lol But you are a woman named Albertina?

Really? That's messed

I am a guy named nityam