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what happened after an explosion at a french cheese factory?

Haha thats new! I dunno?

All that was left was de brie

Did you google the answer? 😏😉

😂 indeed i did!

Very cheesy i see

Thats cheating 😉

I know that cheese jokes arent that mature but i thought it would be funny

Give me your best line and ill see if i can answer it without cheating 😉


Do you live on a chicken farm?

No why? 😂

Because you sure know how to raise a cock 😉😂


Are you implying you have a cock?🙈😂

😂 i do have a cock

Ohhh 🙈😂

Are you an archaelogist?

No why?

Because i got a bone for you to examine ;) 😂


Im sorry but if you do actually have a cock

I aint about that life

Haha banter !

Ffs 😂🙈

I do actually have a cock but tinder is purely banter

Oh fair enough

Haha why so shy 😂

Like i said

I aint about that life

About the cock life?

What life are you about :p


Pussy is the best life

Yeah it is

Especially when its not cheesy


Ewww haha

Haha not the best of images to put into your head


Not at all haha

Lol you at uni?


Nice what uni?



You should do porn


Why should i do porn? Haha

Make money

Nah it'd be to easy

What dya mean

Haha just would :p

Im gonna finish uni instead of being a pornstar 😂

Easy in what way?

The job is just sex , easy haha

Haha i do a bit of both

You're a pornstar? Haha

Ive done a porno yeah

What did you do? Boy/girl, girl/girl? Etc

Just boy / girl

She was 44

Haha nice so you're a boy

Wasnt that obvious?