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Those are nice rocks in the background, very artistic


In your photo I'm memorised

I'm so confused right now...there are no rocks in my photos...???

Oversized pebbles in the background? Commonly known as rocks?


Oh. Lol.

After all that explaining the brief comment completely died

Lol. Sorry. U didn't mean to cause you all that stress! Haha

Thanks for the comment tho!

Hahaha it's alright ;) xx

What beach are your photos taken at!? Nice looking

No beach? Just rocks ;)

Lol. Your funny!

I am sensing some sarcasm! 😛

Hahaha your senses are working I see ;)

They are today! Lol

So what brings you to Tinder?! Your very pretty.... Almost as pretty as the rocks and beach! 😋

Hahaha idk just a mess about really hbu?! You're pretty too xx

I would!;) hahaha

Stare at the beach I mean

Ooo. I like a bit of scandalous banter! Lol. How about you stare at my rocks and I'll stare at your beach!?...😜.

Sorry, that was a lame attempt at a bad joke. Lol

Your rocks are nice ;)

Hahaha I'll continue it

You can do more than stare if you like?!;)

Smh. So is your beach! I love a nice warm beach to burry myself in!

Id love to visit the beach sometime and plant my pole in it. ;).

Nah but seriously, you are gorgeous! Are you single?

Hahaha I'll be doing the pole planting!

And yeah I'm single haha x

What is that supposed to mean!? You have a pole to plant!??

Yep! Soz :/ x

Lol. Nice....??? 🙈

Hahahahha it's more of an innuendo

Take it how you wish

I don't believe you...

Hmmm... Now I'm stumped. Lol

How long have you been single?!

Hahaha what do you mean?;)

Since like April? 😂

May maybe? X

I mean, you stumped me with your comment saying you do the pole planting. To me that sounded like you have male anatomy! Lol

Well I do?!


I'm a guy

You're weirding me out now



You're a dude?

Uh yes.

Bruh it says your name is shaneka and you have girl pictures

Tinder have fucked up


Shut the fuck up. You serious?

I can't stop laughing right now! Lol

Dead serious man! Who does it say I am?


Apparently you are Quiana. You make a very pretty blonde! Smh


Haaaaa. The fuck!??

Holy fuck this is some cruel joke

I feel so gay right now...

My name is Max ███████, this is some prime lad bible shit


Well that explains the pole planting!!!

Nah bruh we were both in the same position, no homo we were misled

My name is dustin. I can't wait to tell my friends this shit!!


Hahahahahahhaahah I'm dead

Welp. It was nice flirting with you. But I need to delete this account before I turn gay!

Lesson learnt, no flirting man it wasn't homo

Time to burn my phone

Agreed. Peace out bruh! And good luck in your hunt for real pussy!

Hahahaha likewise fellow accidental catfish