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Sadie. You are too fucking cute lol

Ur not real

Lmfao why would you say that

So many people are fake on this thing

If ur real send me a pic on snapchat

Lmfao i mean the fake ones usually send like a "webcam link"

Ok wb instagram?

I dont have snapchat

I don't have IG

So you think I'm too fucking cute?

What would u do to something this cute?

Ugh why not

But yes you have pretty eyes

Lmao i dont think you want to know right now 😏

Well I'm kinda only looking for a hook up on here

Oh really? Send me some naughty pics then

Where are you from?

███ im guessing ?


How about you first

████ ██████. U?

Ok but will u send one in return?

██████.. But im out rn. Can send u one later lol

What's RN?

Right now lol

Ohhhh hahaha. So are u looking to fuck?

I would love to but i cant at the moment 😂

Hahahahahaha Maybe this week?

No like i cant for a while

I got cut a few weeks back. Doc said no lmfao

Cut in ur vagina?

No i got circumcised


What does that mean

Lmfao wait you dont know what that is?

Men get that not women

Im a male...

Oh cool peace then

😂 how did i look like a girl wtff

But ya take care


Did you think i was a girl

Ur pics are

I have a beard