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Good evening how are you today



Im good thank you what you looking for on here

Where ru from?

Im from █████ ████ where are you from

█████████. U know it?

Yeah sort of

So ru studying here or something?

I work in ██████ █████ in ████ what about you


Wow im an in house porter

What's that

I move desks build desks and move cabinets and stuff like that

Like handyman?

Yeah like that

U born in uk?

Yeah was you

Yeah. Where's ur pics taken then. Doesn't look like uk

One was in my room and the other was in the living room

Have u even looked at ur pics. They are outside

They aint

The first one is u walking down a road...?!

What you looking for on here

Fun. U

The same and see what happens

The firsr one is of me in a white shirt in the kitchen

The other two?

One is with my dog in my dads and the other one is me one the sofa

What kind of fun you after

What do u thini

Sex lol


Sounds good to me ;)

Your very beautiful

Oh yeah? What do u like

I like going out for a few drinks something to eat walks what about you

U have Facebook

No I have what's app I closed my Facebook account down

What's ur number

My number is 07█████████

So when do u try and scam me

I dont thats my phone number

Im real not fake

U might want to update ur profile photo

It's of a man

I am a man

U gay

No I aint im straight as anything whats your number I'll whats app you

Sorry mate u don't make any sense

Why are u pretending to be a girl

I ain't pretending to be a girl im a man im not gay im straight

How am I pretending to be a girl

I can prove I am a man and 100% real

Are you a man

What positions do you like doing

What you up to



You still up for fun