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Too cute to be real

If not, great. You're hot.

Oh I'm real I'm real alright


How you doing anyway?

Where are you from ?

██████████ originally

Just living in ████


You I live in ██████████ right near the ████████ ██████ u kno it ?

I'm pretty pissed atm lol just watched united so I'm out celebrating

Yeah, never been but I know it

Haha well I'm a Liverpool so I'm anything but pissed

Have a season ticket so managed to see it for myself

Liverpool fan*

I guess you just about deserved it 😉

Well HAHAHAHAHA you're the first Liverpool fan I've met too rub there face init lol

What part of ████ you living now

Oh piss off, you're almost as shit as we are haha

Fellaini is the worst


Know it?

That ████████ ███████


Next to it

Flat overlooks ████████ ███████

You got Facebook


What's your name?

I'll add you

Paul ███████


Go on

I'm confused

So you're a dude?

Yh pretty sure your profile pictures are of a girl

Your a guy ain't you


Thats fucking weird

You fucking weirdo what the fuck!! why you even on tinder messaging guys you fucktard

Your pics are of girls

*a girl

Could ask the same qn