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I want to paint you green and spark you like a naughty avocado.



Thanks ha

Sure that can be arranged if thats really what you want

Haha. I like you already.

I'm Dej. You're dolly. When do you fancy going for a drink?

Haha im afraid I don't get your dej and dolly reference

And im slightly suspicious of your forwardness

But im free right now

My names Dej. And you're dolly. And i would like to take you out for a drink. As for my forwardness, i could talk to you for a couple of days about the same mindless things or I could cut the chase and take you for a drink and get to know you better.

Not forward. I'd just rather skip to the interesting part

I like your style

So you're not called sybil

Haha was just making sure you're not taking the piss!

No dolly. My name is not Sybil. Haha

I said it at the start

I'm dej

Where you from dej?

Well nice to meet you dej my names dolly

I'm from ██████, ████ █████.

But in ██████████. Have been for 4 years now.


Although I haven't technically met you, I'm sure it'll be nice to meet you too

I'm from █████████████ not too far from ██████

And yeah student here in ████

Youre right

when would you like to meet, dej?

Oh. Yeah. I've got good mates from █████████████.

When are you free?

Can possibly do some night this week although im a bit broke so if you want to go somewhere nice next week would be preferable.

Sounds good.

This week. Next week.

I'm game


What do you do for uni or job or whatever?

I'm doing an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience

So basically, I'm exploring for all the sweet oil and gas buried in the ground


Can I guess actually?

Did a BSc in Geology

Dat sweet oil

Yeah guess away

You're pretty

You look clever

Maths / engineering / law??

Haha wow good guess

Mechanical engineering

And thanks

I'm not just a pretty face. I also make very good observations

What part of town do you live in?

I know very so observant!

████████ area


I live near town . ███████ ██████

Ah cool thats pretty close

Used to live near ████████ in first and 2nd year actually

Ah sweet

What's ███████ ██████ like?

Yeah. It's pretty nice and chilled here. It's a studio flat, so I've got my own space to myself.

Lived with 6 of my mates in 3rd year and needless to say, it was hell

Haha thats cool

███████ ██████'s decent. It's really cool

Yeah I live with loads of people

Its loads of fun but im sure living alone has its benefits.

How many?

8 including me

It's great

I make my own rules.

Wow that's a lot. Must be a big pad

Yeah its pretty big and nice

Haha im jealous

Are you free tonight?

I think I'm free, yes. I think. Some mates are going to the he SU but I'm not sure what the deal is with that

Are you thinking of a meet-up tonight of we're both free? I'm happy with that

Yeah if youre about can go for a drink

Maybe 9ish?

Tonight might be a bit of a push at the moment if I'm honest. I've got a better idea.

Tomorrow night,

Somewhere nice and chilled. Have a few drinks, chill and chat and see where we go from there...

you're free tomorrow night are you?

I'm not sure atm but probably!

Ok. For now, it's a yes.

Are you meeting your mates tonight?

We'll say 6.00 tomorrow evening

Anywhere in particular?

I'm thinking ████/██████ ███

Maybe a bit later?

Yeah ████ sounds good

Yeah. They seem to have got their shit together and we'll be going ███. Come to ███!!

Ok. 8.00?

You know the ████ in talking about? Just off ██████ ████. Near ██████ ████ train station...

Yeah 8 sounds better

Yeah I know the ████ you mean


Have fun tonight x

See you tomorrow. Xx

Hi dolly.

Is tonight still on?


Yeah all good

How's it going?

Nice. So, what's the crack for tonight?

████ for 8?

Good thanks

Been doing cw all day

Yeah ████ sounds good

Maybe half 8 but depends how long it takes to have food once im back I will let you know

No worries. Drop me a message whatever the crack is.

Hey hey

Sorry is 9 ok

9's good. Don't be sorry.

I live 2 seconds from ████, so it's cool

Oh cool. Im on my way now will message you when im 5 mins away x


Just waiting for a bus.

Cool. 👍

Be there in 10

See you soon

Im outside

Outside ████?

What's your number? I'll text you when I'm outside. Heading down now.

I've got no data so when I leave the building, my wifi goes off and I can't contact you on here

Im inside now downstairs