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Hey Dolly 🙋 How's it going? :)

That is a seriously cool name

heyaa its going just fineee , and you? thank youu is it??

whats ur plan for a friday night

I'm fine aswell thanks 😊 Where are you from?

I have no plans tonight... What about yourself?

im from ██████ hbu? andd i had plans of going out to █████████ for a student night but since u popped up i might have a change in plan unless ur planning to stay in and not move ur lazy ass

Hahaha! Well what do you want to do then? I never said anything about staying in and being lazy, I'm open to options :)

I'm from ██████████

And ██████... Nice!

Well get your self ready and let's do something then dolly

what would you fancy doing? i literally dont mind doing anythingg , goin out for a drink , club, smoke pot and chill

whatever u want

Well I don't mind either to be honest... Where do you live? You seem quite close, come round to mine if you want? We will get a couple beers an you can have a smoke here

yaa cooll i live in ███████ roadd where do youu?

Oh right, I'm in ███████████ near Sainsbury's... Do you want me to meet you somewhere? Are you on whatsapp? Might be easier haha



Ok I'll message you on there now

Have you give me the right number haha? Your pic on whatsapp is 2 guys

yeah thats mee

That isn't you

where do u stay in ███████████?

They were like who the hell is tom

yeah it wss me

but who the hell is tom



That wasn't you

what do you mean you

Near Sainsburys

ur fucking my brain

Your confusing me


why would u say its tom

Where are you

so this is a prank?

███████ road

Because that's my name


Are you a prank haha?

Let's Just chat on here then

What do you want to do?

are u a guy..

or a girl

Obviously a guy

Why you ask that?

Are you a guy or a girl

a girl

Tom ███████

fuck you tom..