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You alright? x

I'm not too bad thankyou, how're you x

I'm alright thanks x

Where you from? x

good and I'm from ███████, █████ █████████. yourself? x

Ohh cool, I'm from london but I'm in ████████████ for Uni x

Do you go to Uni? 😊

aw that's cool I'm doing my degree but at a college because it's cheaper :) what dya study x

Ohh that's smart 😏, mechanical engineering x


Jesus! I struggle to make a pop up tent:( hospitality and business management x

😂😂😂 that's funny

Oh cool, do you like it? x

nope I hate it :( x

Ahh why? :( x

it's just shit x

Lool that's peak

Have you got whatsapp ?

yeah I do, 07█████████

Is that your number ? x

It's someone else as your profile pic 🙈🙈

yeah it's my number?


Didn't wanna whatsapp the wrong number 😂

what's your nhmver



Just whatsapp'd you

you're a guy?

Yh lol

Aren't you a girl? :/

Can't you see my pic ? 😂


yeah it's a lass 🙈


it's a mass called dolly


You're acting as a girl and saying I'm a guy :////

I'm not into guys


my profiles a guys profile... you've got the girls profile..

But you swipe right on guys? :/

Makes no sense

Don't think so lol

you're not a guy on mine!


But I have guy pictures etc

And you're into girls..