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Why hello there

Hey there! How are you?

I'm quite alright thank you :)

I'm good just suffering Mother's Day with the family. You doing anything fun tonight lovely?

Going out for pizza I'm a bit a haha


Anywhere nice? What do you do then?

Italian place :)

Did you have a good night?

Yeah I'm full of wine and ltalian food XD

Sounds like the best things to be full of! I love Italian food it's my favourite. I've just been in the pub it's been quite a good night

What did you have :), prefer Mexican but hey aha

I ate at home I had a steak and mushroom pie it was good, but I've had quite a few beers in the pub. Not looking forward to tomorrow really. Where are u from then,


██████ sadly how about you XD.

████ , sadly as well. At least that not too far away. Have you had a nice Sunday then?

It was pretty decent cheers XD, and yours?

Yeah it's been a nice day, I saw my mate who I've not seen for quite a while so it was good. What's someone as pretty as you doing on tinder anyway?

I could say the same about you!, do you have snapchat?

I do! It's oliver██████ add me if you like

Will do :)

Added :)

I'm in bed at the minute though so a picture of me won't be great haha

Whats your name on it then


I got added by someone called Danny██████

I'm in bed to I don't look good either :)

How come that's your name haha

What the fuck

Idk it just came to me XD

What's up

Why wtf

Clearly isn't you in your photos on here

It is?

I just look a mess

Well how come it was a guy?

Okay 😴

I am a guy?, I still am a bit confused

Then why are you posing as a woman. Weird goodbye

I'm not wtf