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Hi Sybil

Hey, what does Sybil mean haha

That's your name isent ut

Hahahaha you're steaming 😂

Are you out at the moment?


Ohhhh apologies

Well my name is Steven, not Sybil

Sorry xxxx

Its ok so we're are you from??

I'm from ██████████, ███████████. What about you?

█████ xxxxxxxxxxxx

Awwww so close but yet so far!!

Are you down in ██████████ or something?

Not that far xx

I'm looking for a serious relationship xx

Fair enough. Are you having any luck on tinder? X

Not really you seem nice xx

Yeah, I always thought everyone used Tinder for sex

And aw thanks, so are you x

Why does it say 5km away if you're in █████?

I dont no I'm new to this

Ohhh I seee

So you're not in ██████████? Gutted

07█████████ we will have a chat xx

What are you up to??


I'll text you soon

I'm just watching a film at the moment. Wbu? X

In bed can't board xxxxxxxxxxxx

What have you done today?




I love kissing xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ohhh sounds good x

Sorry I get naughty at night xxxxxxxxxxxx


What movie you watching xx

Why do i get the feeling that you're not real

I am real 100 per cent real trust me I'm a nice person

Sorry I fell asleep. Ok, i guess i believe you

It just shouldn't say 5km if you're in █████

I'm from ████████ originally

Ohhhh fair enough. How're you finding tinder?

It's ok

We should chat xxxxxxxxxxxx more get to no eatch other more xx


What are you up to?


Yeah we should!

I'm just watching Towie. Are you on instagram?


My Liverpool lost today I'm so angry

I'm a Manchester United fan tbh!

Cool xxxxxxxxxxxx

Where did you watch the match?.


At work

Working on a Sunday!

Sounds absolutely horrible x

What do you work as? X

Yeh work at █████████

What do you do then?

Are you asleep

thinking about you xx

Morning honey x


Let's meet this weekend? X

I'm working i'v got holidays coming up next month x

Let's chat over the phone and sort something out x


Yeah that sounds like a plan

I have your number as well x

Are you on fb? X

Yeh text me we will talk


Text me on my number I'll be deleting tinder soon x

Aw, how come? X

So many girls sending me messages

Girls or guys?

girl's I just Wana settle down with one girl

So you're bisexual?

No im straight I'm no guy

I'm no gay

I'm so confused

Why are you looking for a girl?

You are a girl...

I'm a man looking for girl

Haha knew you were a catfish