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Hey Dolly!


Yes... Your name on here... Is Dolly...

It is!? That's news to me...although maybe I should stick with it, sounds snazzier than my usual name

Yeah haha!! Dolly sounds cool

It does, but not as crackin as Sybil though

Oh Sybil! Fancy!

That's what it says your name tinder having us over here!?

What?!? For real??

Yeah haha...well this is awkward. I am fully down with the name Sybil though

Hahaha what the hell!!

I'm almost scared to ask for your actual name now in case it's nowhere near as spot on

It's liam

Boring... I know.

It's certainly not as extravagant

It isn't. What is your real name?

Ali...can't compete with Dolly at any rate but ah well, I'll have to live with it I guess

Ali is cool!

My surname begins with G as well so that would make me...Ali G...

Hahaha that's brilliant. Yes!

Better than dolly then?

Deffffo !

Excellent, that's music to my ears

Haha great news

So, Sybil (I'm not going to let it drop)...hobbies, favourite bands, favourite food, go

I'm a DJ

Favourite band.. Fat Freddy's drop

And oooh.. Everything unhealthy


Sounds cool! I sell car parts, blink 182 and new found glory, absolutely anything greasy and fatty but if I had to chose a country's food, japan

Oh cheeky!

Can I just ask if you've realised my reason for being on here?

I never question anyone's reason for being on here

Well I'm on here with my girlfriend. Looking for a threesome... Haha

Haha, awesome. Is she the one in the pictures or...have I totally misread that bit too

Haha yeah she is :) you've not unmatched me... Explain

Sounds like a pretty joke idea tbh, why would I unmatch?

Why wouldn't you? Are you interested? Haha

I'm never one to turn down new experiences I guess

Well that's cool with us! :)

Can I get your number maybe? We'll message you on Whatsapp

Sure - 07█████████