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You mad haha

Mad for what? Haha

Where you from? Haha

██████, where are you from?

I'm from █████████

Then why are you 7 miles away?????

Explains the tan

Yeah hahaha

Says 72km on mine

Haha tinder just giving me false hope!! I'm familiar with the ██ ██████ area

😂false hope I live quite near there

Haha yeah tinders not been good to me haha. Not a single date (I never ask) and my compliments are quite controversial haha

Yeah to be honest not done too well my self on here haha

Haha surprising. You are a pretty girl. Maybe it's your personality

Haha kidding. You seem lovely

Hahahha you seem really funny 😂

To make up for what I'm lacking

I'm not lacking anything

Soo what do you do?

I'm not a student no longer. I work and have a pretty boring life right now haha. Tell me about yourself

Your bio is non existent

I don't really have one haha I'm a electrician and am just working all the time aha

I don't want to sound racist or anything but a lady electrician?

Can you work on my car electrics then pls


Wtf I'm losing it


Hahahha I'm not a lady though am I haha

What are you!!!???

A male😂


Hahhahaha 👋

Why do you have a picture of a woman

I feel violated

I don't hahahha


Holy shit

Am i tripping

Your name is dolly

It's not hahah its SHAUN

Mate honestly

You are dolly

And you are a 20 year old woman

6 miles away

Honestly I'm SHAUN a male 72km away haha

No dolly

Yeah Sybil


That's what your name says haha


Am I a guy

Or a girl?

No girl hahahhahaha


We're being trolled on this mate

Tinders fucked up

Hahaha how the fuck is that possible

I don't know mate

But you are dolly

You are 6 miles away

And dolly

Is fit as fuck

But you are really shaun

From █████████

With a tan

Wow hahaha that's mental that like you are a fit girl aswell haha

This isn't right

You were like my first match in a week too

This is messed up

You are like slightly Chinese haha yeah freaky as fuck this