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Please tell me that giraffe is real?

It's the only real giraffe in ██████████...

Sorry I don't get the joke tho 😂

I thought it might have been real. That would of been an amazing shot

Loving your villian style

Yeah you know, stalkers gotta stalk haha

True that, so your occupation is mi5 spy?

Do you work or study sybil?

I'm a freelance spy right now, what about you?

I run a ltd company from a studio in ███████. Can I hire you to takeout some rivals?

What kind of company, depends on the targets. I don't come cheap

Its a graphic design buisness so just rival designers really. I want tbe job completing fully and evidence of the hit

Ah, I was a graphic design failure before I became a spy. I'll do what is needed, the evidence will be in the paper haha

Meet me at ███████████ park 3rd bench round the pond and ill give you the cash in a lunchbox. Haha.

Ahh im sure you werent a failure! How come you changed?

I only take the money once I've done the hit, customer satisfaction and all that haha

Id give you a great review on I bet you only drink shaken martini and have a camera in your glasses

Thanks, I am looking for more work so it would really help out haha I decided that wasn't strong enough to clear my head so I drink several zombies after a hit. Also I do, people started to notice the go pro strapped to my head

I seee I see

Are you from ███████████ too? Im having a day off today :P

I'm not, I'm from ██████ if you know where that is haha I'm working a late tonight 😭

Yes I know where ██████ is driven through there quite a bit. That sucks. Whrre you working?

Fair one 😊 I'm a security guard at a supermarket for now, looking for something better haha

Whaaa thats well random I like it. I like it alot. Have you had to rugby tackle any shoplifters yet or anything?

Only had to tackle one guy, that was a good day, most of the time you just throw them out of the door haha

Thats awesome im well impressed! I thought you were gonna say you worked in a bar when you said you were working late

So youre not a girl to get in a fight with? Im presuming you could beat me in an arm wrestle or beat me in a fight haha

Haha no I hate being around drunk people when I'm sober haha and well I'm not a girl 😉 haha and I could more than likely beat you in a toy fight unless your one of these mma training girls haha

I hate that too. Im not a massive drinker tbh! Im not exactly tough im a wuss when it comes to confrontation im all about peace. A bit of a hippy at heart

Same really, not had a proper drink in ages. Aww that's cute 😘 so what you looking for on here then?

I guess im looking for someone I could take out for food or meet up with

Sounds good haha what you doing with the rest of your day?

Glad were on the same page. Im not doing anything today just relaxing and catching up with jobs. What time do you have to work?

The catching up with jobs but doesn't sound very relaxing haha, what kind of work is it that you do? I'm working 3-10 so its only a little shift

Well maybe if there was a day youre more freed up we could grab some lunch or something maybe its been well sunny recently I ate outside yesterday. Have a look at my instagram : ██████████ that might put things into context

I'm happy to do that but I warn you I take a better picture than what I look like in real life haha also my head is big lmao. And that work is good! Loved that vector piece I liked haha

Dont be silly! Do you think im happy with my appearance? I have a negative self image but living in a world of idealidtic magazines, media and news we have tailored and moulded views of perfection. Perfection to me is beyond appearance, I judge people on how warming their soul is not how big they think their head is haha

And thankyouuu about the vector work. :-)

Well I am happy to hear that 😊 and no worries! X

Woohoo I like your style sybil

Are you British?

I am, are you?

Indeedy have you always lived in ██████████?

Apart from the 3 years in ████ for uni, yes. What about you?

Apart from 3 years in █████ for uni a bit of travelling and living with my parents im the same

But my parents live like 20 mins away

I unfortunately still love at home 😵

I only moved out like 4 weeks ago. Ive been coach surfing for ages

Youll get out eventually it just takes time

Is it a house or a flat your in? Yeah, need a better paid job haha

Its a flat with my mate ████. We used to live in a house but I moved home then just came back. You know sainsburys in ███████████?

Cool cool, and I'be not really ventured into ███████████ before

Its student capital its weird being around them when you dont study everyone seems to be having so much fun whilst your on the way to work haha

Hahaha I miss being a student for that reason

I have a few mates who went to ████

You dont know ███ █████ do you? Long shot haha

Yeah I Don't know him haha

Ahhh worth a try

What did you study then?

I studied graphic design 😂

Yess! Good choice. Do you like to draw?

Theres some good exhibitions on in town maybe if we met up we could go have a gander

I like to but I'm awful at it haha more photography and illustrator type shit me haha and yeah that would be nice

One of my main clients is the ███████ ██████ ███ ████████████ ███ in ████████ ███████ and they have some awesome exhibitions on atm

What do you like to photograph?

I bet some of that is nice 😊 everything and anything haha I've not done it for a while tho been in a bit of a slump

Well the sun is slowly coming out so youll have to get back on it over summer

That's the plan 😊 I'll talk to you on my break 😃

Well today's been eventful already haha

Hola sorry only just seen this, whats been happenjng? You fought any baddies

Just been busy with shoplifters and arguements haha

Did you work any moves?

Just a karate chop haha

Couple karate chops and a dropkick yeah.

What were they stealing?

That's how i get down in China town haha and just a stanely knife and a bulb haha

Thats crackhead items definetly. You must be really ballsy to take them down

Well you know, get paid to do a job 😂

Did it go well in the end?

Yeah was alright, was boring towards the end haha how was your night?

I had a couple beers with ████ who I live with and his ex gf who hes still good friends with. Didnt do much we were just up late watching films. What you on today?

Ah, sounds like a decent night, nothing really, got a bit of painting to do and need to pick up a couple cans and change my alloys but that's about it, just gonna relax for the rest of it, yourself?

Ive got quite a bit of work to do and then tonight my friend frank from leeds is coming to stay with me for the night. What car do you drive? I have a little fiesta its nothing special I wouldnt mind new alloys though!

Sounds like a good night 😊 what kind of work you doing today? I have a seat Ibiza, saving up for a civic tho so I can play with with engine haha treat yourself, I resprayed mine to gun metal but fancy a change haha

Thats amazing love gun metal grey and love the fact you like your car's I teach spraypainting in colleges and I paint alot around manchester so if you ever want a mural bonet doing we could airbrush something craazay

It's one of my fave colours for alloys haha and is there anything you don't do? You are a girl of many tricks haha

You should add me on facebook sybil x

Im not used to tinder

Okay, what's your full name 😊

Im not a girl! Haha

Woman of many tricks then haha

Hahaha. Its will █████████ my picture is me and my friend emma holding a blow up banana so you should be able to spot me

I'm baffled

So your not a girl called dolly? Lmfao

Definelty not dolly haha

Lmfao, tinders got you fucked then dude! 4 pictures of some girl and the name dolly 😂😂😂😂

Hows the car coming along? Have you done much to the ibiza already?

Reeeto haha


How was your night sybil? You beeen up to much?

Yoooo wtf you just came up on lad bible

You kept saying I was callrd dolly

Someones hacked my profile or something

Just figured this out. Your a lad? Im a lad and weve been talking thinking im dolly and your sybil. Look on lad bible

I was excited about sybil the chinese security guard from ██████