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Well hello there 😊 How are you doing?

Am okay not too bad how abt u

Good stuff! Yeah I'm all good too. Up to much today?

Nuffin realli jst went work and dat

And are u frm ██████████

Yeaaaah same. What do you do for work?

I work in ██████████, and I'm moving into an apartment there on Monday! You?

I work has a store manager at ██████ hotel and realli so your gonna be leaving in ██████████ permanent den i guess

Ah that's awesome! Yeah gonna be living in ██████████ permanently. Can't wait, cause my new place is so nice 😍

Awww dat good den i bet i cannot wait to see u and where abt u movin too in ██████████

You can't wait to see me? Whaaaaat? 😅 I'm gonna be in the ████████ ███████. My flat has a pool, jacuzzi and balcony, gonna be class!

Looool yeah cannot wait to see u and aww dat so nice

Who says you're seeing me? 😉 yeah it's incredible

My spirit



And what does your spirit tell you we'll be doing when you see me?

Hmmm nothing loool my spirit hasnt told me anyfin abt dat yet

Well that's no good. Maybe you should ask it... 😉

Looool okay i will do and wat do u think we can do when we meet den

We can do anyyyything you like.

Let wait and see den init b

Noooo you have to tell me 🙈

Loool wat do u want us to do


Just gonna keep saying that ahaha

Well let wait and see where dis leads us too den

Booooooo you're no fun 😉

Realli looool

Really 😉 What would you like to do when we meet?

U can cook for me, we can botj cuddle up, watch movie den sex

Haha like the sound of that 👍

Switch the food for alcohol and it's the best date ever 😂

Hahah alcohol is better still dat would make me fuck u so bad

Definitely like the sound of that 👌

I think you should gimme your number or Facebook or something. Tinder sucks.

I dunno my number on head u gimme yurs and i will call u so u can save my number if dat helps

07█████████ x

Is dat u on yur watsapp

Err, yeah?

Well dat a guy on it

What? 😳

U have a guys picture on yur dp on watsapp



I'm confused.

I have exactly the same picture on here...

It different

Are you gonna text me or...?

What's going on here?

Nuffin b dont matter now

Why not!?