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Heyy, since I don't know you I can be honest. I am a fake athlete who tries hard to be good at basketball but in reality quite bad. You look like you have traveled at bit, I am also a fan of traveling to get my lunch from the kitchen.


You are a fake athlete?


Depends how you define okay. I think I'm okay :-) so is there anything that you pretend to be but otherwise not? Or is it just me

Are you trying to groom me?

Groom to what?

I pretend to be honest and trustworthy

I don't know, I suppose an element of grooming is innocence being unaware to the ultimate goals of the groomer

Well, this is tinder and it is a dating app. So the implied ultimate goal is a date isn't it?

Or am I missing something ...


Or maybe because of your innocence you were not already aware?

I suppose it is

Do you want a date??

I'm aware of this fact

I'm scared you're trying to groom me

Stranger danger

Are you a real person or fake athlete?

I'm a real person and a fake athlete

By fake athlete I don't mean literally

It was a joke supposed to be a joke on my passion for basketball

And yeah there will always be an imposing danger on dating apps and speaking to strangers but I am sure you are intelligent enough to protect yourself

You were trying to be quirky not coming clean on your double life?

I think I will be okay

Will you be okay though?

My double life ?

Okay I am not an athlete that gets paid

I just play basketball on a semi competitive way but I am terrible at it and only managed to squeeze into a substitution spot on a team. That is why I call myself a fake athlete

Although I play alot and train alot the lack of talent I have means I can never get far hence ''fake athlete''

I am not leading a double life O. O

Or are you referring to me being a dodgy groomer...

Where do you play basketball?

I used to play, but again, lack of ability and fragile ankles prevented me from the full thing

I'm starting to believe you aren't a groomer

Are you just saying that you play or did you really play O. O

Maybe you can join me for some basketball some time in the future

Whys that ?

Yeah I used to play

I used to play centre

But I was too skinny back when I was younger

Yes okay I used to like it but I wasn't good enoug

How tall are you ?

Sounds great, I haven't come across many girls that play. One of the local leagues needs a female player on the team in order to join ^^

I'm not very tall I think 5''10 or 5''11

You look tall :O

No you aren't

You're not a real person





What makes you think I'm fake?

Your so suspicious maybe your a fake one O. O

Add me on snapchat?

Is that your username catfish O. O


You're not 5"10

Why you so adamant

Okay I am 178 cm you can go convert that and see what it is

Snapchat me and find out

What's your username?

Let me add you instead

My name isn't catfish


Check your snapchat I dunno how you can verify my height like that

What's your plan?

Leslie ████?



That's me

The fluffymuffin

You're a chinese guy

Wierd man

Why are you a chinese gay guy

Why try and groom someone


If my pic isn't already obvious

And if your adamant on the grooming thing then okay