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Hey there nice to match you. You are gorgeous, so gorgeous you make every other girl on tinder look bad.

I didn't know I was a girl

Sorry lady and what a lady.

I think you're confused Sybil

So your not a lady either?

You're not a lady either I mean?

Do I look like a lady?

I mean if I do, and a hot lady, then maybe I should rethink how I'm living my life

Your pictures do make you look a bit like one

So what do you think your pictures are of?

So do yours

Me, sort of wearing glasses and having stubble and that

Yours are of some asian looking girl

Is that you? Or is tinder fucking with us?

No that's me just looking for some lesbian action


My picture is me on the phone right?

Oh are you looking at the blonde girl in my pictures?

Nope you in a bikini. Are you looking at pics of me in a bikini too?

Nah. Youre with a giraffe

And binoculars

That you?

No sounds like a different Asian girl that

Oh right.


Well I'm actually a boy

Oh well. Better luck next time I guess.

Good luck with the lesbian action though!

I wouldn't mind being a lesbian actually

Thanks. Yer sadly as a lesbian a guy isn't really my type

I understand completely

Have fun Sybil :)

Yer good luck trying to find a straight woman.