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How are you darling??

I'm doing fine thanks wbu hun

I'm very good

Noticed your about section says about as much about you as mine does haha

The mysterious angle, I quite like it

I try not give it all away in a paragraph makes conversation more interesting

Btw is your full name dolly or is it a shorttend version

It's certainly not dolly no

It's Solomon, you were close though

It's quite an unusual name I know but tbh I don't hear the name Sybil all to often either

Solomon that is a unique name I like it

So tell me about yourself I already know that your cute ;)

Well at this point I have to say ladies first, I'm traditional like that you see. Tell me a bit about you Sybil

Well that's good I'm traditional too and well for starters my name is tham pronounced like tam not sybil haha

Ask me questions of what you want to know and il tell you ?

why are you called Sybil on here tham haha

I have no clue it says Tam on my profile well when I view it, it does

Where you from tam, take it you live in ██████████?

You're really quite gorgeous btw

thank you hun and I live in █████ actually I'm currently studying at the university of █████

Do you live in ██████████

I live in █████████ studying at █████████ university. Visiting the parents down here in ██████████

How you finding █████?? I was there last week, soooo good!

Oh is that so nice so what do you study in █████████ ? And I like █████ it's a lovely city and theres so a much to do

Do you go out a lot in █████??

Well not much really I'm not a big party person but I do go out now and then

I admire your self control to resist nights out in █████

I've toned it down from my first two years to be honest haha

How good is your intuition??

Guess what I study and I'll do the same

Oh okay so are I'm guessing your in your 3rd year and well my intuition is okay I guess mediocre is the word

And hmmmm

Do you study history ?

I'm not going to ridicule your intuition unless i get yours wrong as well haha, but I'm definitely not a history student tam

My turn

I'm guessing you're an architect...??

Tell me how spot on I am...

Haha fair play and well your a bit far off so I guess it's my turn

Are you a math student ?


Well I'm glad we didn't bet anything of value on who got it right first haha

Haha looks like I win you must be a bright young lady to be studying math

So shall I give myself away or do you want to carry on guessing


'Bright young lady'....

I quite sure that's definitely something I am not hahah

Haha really what makes you say that ?

You called me a bright young lady haha

Yeah I know what I meant was what makes you feel that your not bright

Because I'm not a lady tam

Haha I've just double checked

And still definitely not

Haha okay "girl" is that better do you feel much younger when I say that :p

I'm a guy hahahaha

And the devastating truth is revailed haha


This is hilarious, which girl did you think i was? Want me to hook you up hahah

I'm getting trolled -_- aren't I

Can you see my pictures?

Well yeah of course

Do I look extra feminine in them or something haha

Haha extra feminine nah you don't

You look pretty normal and cute

Why the gender confusion then tam ??

Oh no when I said the truth has been reaviled I was joking lol

I know your a woman

Is that right

Like a reverse lady boy

Haha yeah like a "reverse lady boy"

Haha think you might be slightly too confusing for me tam

With the wrong name the calling me a woman...

Yeah I'm so confused as well lol you know I'm a guy right

In you pictures all I see is girls so I'm assuming your not a guy but I'm so tatty confused

And the devastating truth is revailed haha


I'm getting trolled -_- aren't I

So I have been talking to a guy this whole time ?

And you I'm assuming you thought I was a girl


Well yeah of course

Haha I give up who ever this really is, nice trolling 😅😅