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Hey, I'm really bad at starting conversations so do you wanna hear a terrible joke?

Ill beat you to the punchline and say my love life

Hahaha, it's that bad?

Well I can say tinder isn't really my first resort of finding new people to talk to, more like the last

I wouldn't have thought you'd have trouble finding people interested in you

What makes you think that haha

Well you're rather gorgeous haha

Thanks haha >.< as much as I don't believe that, its nice to receive such compliments from a stranger :)

You're very welcome, you should believe it though, trust me :)

Ive always been one to return a compliment, and have to say you're quite attractive yourself haha

Aww thank you :) so I have to ask, what are you looking for on here, just people to talk to?

You're quite welcome :) Mostly yeah, just got the 'whatever happens, happens' kinda mentality towards it though

Same as me then really :) so what are your interests?

I don't have high hopes though, with this app, to me, seeming more like a 'smash or pass' sorta thing haha. Mostly cars, it sounds generic, but I work at a garage and enjoy working on them, we get some modified stuff in most days and its fun learning new things :) what about you, what catches your attention

Haha, well as much as I would 'smash' you, that's not all I'm looking for, don't worry :p and that's not generic at all, pretty damn cool actually! I'm a musician so that's what I'm doing most of the time, just finishing up an album at the moment

Ha! Well I can honestly say Id have no objections if it came to that haha. I suppose its more generic for 15 year old boys that 21 year old guys haha, not a bad work choice though, it isn't often people do things they enjoy, so Ive heard. That sounds pretty neat, what instrument and genre do you play? :)

Maybe we'll have to make that happen sometime then ;) and yeah I guess haha, it's also way less generic for a 20-year-old girl to be into. I play lots of stuff! Mainly guitar, I sing, bit of piano, drums etc. And this album is singer-songwriter but I play in a rock band too :) what music are you into?

Maybe, if Id ever get that lucky :p that is true, but there are often some women that are in to it, just a dime a dozen haha. A bit of a multi-talented it seems then haha, you'll have to let me listen to some of your work some time though :) Im mostly in to the heavier sorta music, but when it comes to chilling out I enjoy a bit of deep house, makes for a nice break from the heavier stuff :)

Pfft, YOU get lucky? I would most definitely be the lucky one! And you are obviously that dime then haha. Umm I could send you a link to a couple of tracks from my new album if you'd like?

Oh you, haha, I think we'll have to see about that if or when the time comes ;) if they're youtube links then yeah sure, I can't see much else working on iphone, they're ridiculously limited which is the only thing I hate about them haha

They're not on YouTube yet unfortunately. Do you have facebook? I could send you the links on there and you can check them out next time you get to a computer? (also it means I get your Facebook ;) )

Fair enough haha, good god that was smooth though, I love it ;) search for Conor █████████, Id honestly be surprised if anyone else has the same name as I do haha

Wait, so you're a guy..?

Has tinder glitched out on us or are you pretending to be a 20-year-old girl called dolly?

Well I mean I do believe my profile covers that aspect pretty well. Haha

I'm a 21-year-old guy called Chris btw if that's not what you're seeing?

I'm so confused

Hahaha oh god that is brilliant. Well what Im seeing is a 22 year old asian lady called Sybil

This has made my day.

No. Fucking. Way. This is hilarious dude!

I'm gonna add you on Facebook hold on

Don't delete me on here, I'll send you screenshots hahaha

Someone at tinder hq has some issues to fix it seems hahaha