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Hey ☺️

Hey how's it going? :)

Good. You :)?

Yeah I'm good thanks. Where abouts are you from?

███████, you?

Oh same. Well I'm at uni in ███████. Are you living in ███████ or just originally from here. Just wondering as its saying you're miles away?

I'm originally from ███████ in █████ █████.

I also work in ███████ & that's where I am now haha

Oh ok but you live in ███████?

And where do you work?

Sorry haha realised how many questions I've just thrown at you

Back & forth. ███████ on the weekends and ███████ █ ███████

😂😏it's fine


Ok I'm with you now. Oh nice, enjoying working there?

Nope! Haha xx

I'm in my final year at uni studying history :/ last couple of months now. Sick of it haha.

Haha that bad?

Ah shit. :( x

What is? Haha

Too many questions being thrown 😂😂😂

Haha this is getting confusing

I meant is work really that bad? Haha

Very 😂😂😂 x

Yeah, it's just too quiet. :(

Oh I'm sorry x

How long you been working there?

2 years now :) x

If it's that bad you should think of doing something else. I work behind a bar when I'm home, there's nothing worse than when it's dead and you don't have anything to do x

I'm also a PT at ██

But due to an injury that's been on hold for a bit.

And ███████ ███ ██████ is great for discounts 😂

Get cheaper supps

What's that, a personal trainer I'm guessing? and what's ██?

Haha is that the only reason you're still working there ;) there for the discounts

A gym in ███████ ahaha fb yeah actually 😂

And** not fb

At least your honest about it haha.

What are you up to today? You working?

Just working x

I'm off out for a few hours, hope work isn't too bad. X

Speak to you later x

And me haha have fun x

Sure x

How was the rest of your shift x

It died fast haha x

Haha shit then. X

Are you up to much tonight? X

Very! Haha how was your day? X

Not really, yourself? Xx

My day was good thanks. Just ended up meeting with a friend. Same having a night in watching the voice. Need to be up early tomorrow so not heading out unfortunately x

Awh :( that's a shame x

Wuu2? X

Not much unfortunately. Just watching Russell Howard while doing some work. How sad haha. How about you? X

Literally nothing. Might get some food tbh x

What are you thinking? Eating out? X

On my own? Nah, prob just make some food in tbh x

Fair enough haha. Making anything special? X

Toastie haha. Too lazy

Nothing wrong with a good toastie x

Are you much of a cook?

Yeah haha x

Best dish? X

Bacon and cheese stuffed chicken breast with sweet potato wedges

That does sound pretty good. Made me hungry. I was going to say I'll cook you dinner if you make me breakfast but maybe it would be better the other way round?

Sounds a fair deal to me :) x

When? Haha x

Well I'm actually going home for two weeks tomorrow 😕 home being mid █████. As soon as I'm back in ███████, would love to, that bacon and cheese stuffed chicken sounds very appetising x

So does breakfast, but is that breakfast in bed? Where are you from originally?

But I would be glad to cook it you ☺️


Can be breakfast in bed if you prefer? I'm was bought up in ███ ████████ but my parents live in ████████ now if you know where that is? And don't be silly, I couldn't let you cook dinner and breakfast, thanks though. I'm not a bad cook myself actually 😉 x

Oooo which part of ████████? I do know the area haha x

Well they spend the summer in ████████ just outside ████████ and the winter they actually spend in ████████████████, not far from ██████████ x

So not actually in ████████ itself? 🙊x

Haha no, it's just easier to say ████████ in case people don't know it x

How well do you know ████████? X

Not very x

I know of the seaside area

🙊 hehe x

Could we text? It's easier to talk

Oh ok I love it there, so nice x

So which part you staying in for the next 2 weeks?

Yeah was thinking that x

What's your number?


I'll be in ████████ for Easter. Don't suppose you're around that area anytime over Easter? Alright thanks I'll text you in a minute x

████████ itself or somewhere specific? You confused me with those █████ names 😏

Haha your █████ though. ████████ is a 5 minute drive from ████████ town. X

Ok 😂 yeah but I don't know anywhere around ████████! Haha x text me

Just text you x

Dolly & joe? 😂


Im confused haha

Joe and dolly?

Explain 😂?

No dolly and joe sounds better

Confused about what?


"Guy you been talking to on tinder?" 😂

Doesn't matter

Explain 😂

Haha well you said to text you then asked who it was

What else was I going to put

You said guy? 😂

And explain what the joe and dolly comment?

Haha this is getting confusing

You text me saying "hey dolly, it's joe"



Who's dolly and who's joe 😂😂

What? Your display name is dolly and my name is Joe? What is going on?

What? My name is Dan 😂 and your name says Sybil

Am I missing something?

I'm really confused now!

Am I?

My name says dolly?

I genuine don't know what is going on. I think tinder has fucked us over. My name is Joe not Sybil. And your name is dolly apparently. I take it you're a guy?

It's starting to look that way?! What the fuck?! Yeah my name is not dolly

You even have pictures of this "Sybil" girl on your profile! The actual fuck is going on tinder?!

Haha sorry mate. I honestly don't know what has gone on here.

What da fuck

Pretty hilarious

Nah man me neither haha 😂

It is isn't it

Fucking hell

This has actually made my night tbh 😂 hahahaha

So am I coming up as a girl?

Just out of interest cause this too funny

You are indeed

One sec I'll stick it on the moment for you too see

Say when you've seen & I'll remove it hahaha

Can't see it yet

Maybe you can't see the moments either?

I've just put your profile thing up on my moments

Have you not seen any of my moments today then 😂 they're dead give aways Imma guy hahahaha

Can't see yours either

No mate nothing

Must be a hack

This is so fucked up man 😂


Right mate

Sorry for wasting your time

Made my fucking night

Or a glitch, who knows what the fuck has gone on

Need I screenshot this shit

My mates aren't going to believe this

Haha nah man it's cool. I think this is the best tinder match yet haha

Hahahaha 😂😂😂 no shit they won't!

Hide my number tho when you do. 😂 thanks man

Yeah will mate don't worry

See you mate

All the best