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I have a very good cheeky offer for you if you'd like to listen and consider? X

Oh yeah...? I'm all ears x

Ok ok, question first.. Do you like a guy that loves to use his tongue? X

I don't like any guys, but I like to use my tongue 😏 x

Oh shame. But oh do you now? What for? 😉 x

Lots of things. I'll show you if you like 😝 what do you like? X

Fancy giving me head ? X

Yeah, love to! X

Yeah, there's loads I would do to you 😉. X

What do I get out of it? X

Urm.. What do you want?

Where you from? X

████ x

? X

██████████? You? X

Ok ok can you host? What do you want out of it? X

I live between █████████/████████████ but I drive so not to much of a worry! X

I want a blowy and pussy 😉 x

What you mean host? X

Fancy a naughty session? X

Can you accommodate? X

Yeah when? And yeah got my own place. X

When you free and want to? X

Whenever you can? I can be free whenever x

Today? X

Want to swap numbers? X

Says you're 35km so your not in ████..

Yeah if you want? X

What's you number? X

I'm at my friends in ████████ at the minute x

07█████████ x

I see! X

Want a chat? X

I do yeah, can't at the moment though. X

Oh 😏

What you wearing? 😉. What time would you come? X

When you going to be home then? X

What kinkiness you up for? X

I'm in trackies and a hoodie at the moment. I'm free all day to be fair. X

In about an hour just getting food.

It'd take me about that or more to get to you. X

I'm up for anything 😛 I'm a dirty bastard. X

Haha! X

You own any cuffs/ties? Toys? X

What's your number? Probly abit longer. What do you want to do 😉 x

07█████████ x

I'm up for all sorts. Very kinky! X

Nah no toys or ties. Do you? X

You sound it, love it!! 😏 x

No ties. I own a gag, a remote inflatable/vibrating toy and a 8" dildo. X

Bring them! X

Send me a preview 😉 x

Whatsapped you!

Send me a pic of you now. X

Who's the picture of? X


Your a bloke? Who's your tinder pic of? X

Yes all my pics are of me!

Nah there not there all of a fit blond girl


Take your gag out and explain