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What's up :)

Drunk hbu

I'm Drunk too

Lol I just finished partying I'm looking for the next move

I would invite u over but 38 miles away is pretty far


Lol really?

So what are u doing now

Drinking casually 😊


With who lol

I'm just here in the city not ready to go home


I enjoy drinking alone

Lol i was in the city yesterday

Damn let me keep you company lol

Whatd you do yesterday

Visit my friend in ███

Pretty fun

So whats the plan 😜

Oh that's cool

So where do u live

Go to college in █████████ hbu bud

Where's █████████ lol

My plan is to come and see u 😋

Go for it bud

Google it lol


Damn that's in ██

I don't have a snap

Are u at █████████ university or what

That's 2 hours by train not too bad haha

Yea lol

Worth the train ride u would have fun haha

Oh yeah tell me about it

Wat do u wanna kno

You'll show me a good time


Yep partys and stuff lol

What's in for me if I come right now to see u

U will for sure have a fun time 😉

What kind of fun

Watever kinda fun u want

Do I need to use my 🐍

Yep go for it

🐍🐍? Lol

Lol call me


U call me

Sounded hot

Not rn im talking to my mom

Why u hang up

U remind me of a young pocohontus 😍

What is ur mom doing up lol

Why u say that

So wats good babe

I'm trying to come thru

Come thru plz 😍

Ur voice making everyone melt lol

What the hell u keep hanging up on me

Who is everyone

Sorry niggas sayin u a dude but im like nah thats bae

So they hangin up the phone lol


So gurl how big u iz

Sadie aka juan

Sorry that was my dog ^