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Howdy :-) hows your weekend going?

Yeah good thanks yours?

Yea its not bad thanks, you have much planned?

No worked yesterday and now going for a roast dinner with my twin and his little boy you?

What is it you do for work? Yea same with work and funny enough doin same with a mate and mates nan down the pub.

I am a bricklayer you? Haha that's strange we are doing the same lol

It is as it seems, i repair computers and sales, photo printin bit of mixture really. How long you been a bricklayer?

Since the first day I left school

Wish i got into the first job and stuck with it. Been in so many. So what you come on here for?

Yeah I am lucky I have done well I mine. Well I have came on here to see what happens but looking for something more serious you?

Pretty much the same. If im lucky enough lol. Sorry for late reply eating roast. What you got planned for rest of day?

Yeah if I am lucky to lol so where abouts you from? Not a lot just chill watch TV and maybe tidy the house up abit


Well on way home now, prob taje dog out to burn of food lol but nothin else plamned as of yet. i live in ███████. Where abouts are you?

Orite cool I was working in ██████ yesterday ;) I live in █████ ████

Thats not to far away, so do you have your own house?

Yeah brought it last year :) just got to paint every where in there now lol what about you?

I rent a room, Been renting a room since i was 17. Work in progress which is all good i bet :-)

I lived at my mums for ages wasted loads of money for years going out getting drunk etc but not no more lol yeah I'm getting there once I have time to paint lol

Oh i can relate to that even though livin on my own out every weekend, but then i had a better paid job do regret goin out as much. So once in a blue moon now lol so what you like doin in your spare time?

Yeah same er not very often now lol. Not a lot really chill out at home and when it's warmer weather play golf a lot you?

I used to play a little golf but not for years now. Wouldnt mind givin it a go again.I like doing different activities always try find somewhere to do rock climbing or archery something different and fun.

That does sound like fun ;) so did you have a nice roast dinner?

It was lovely think i ate too much though, you had yours yet?

Yeah same here on both lol think I need a nap after mine

Well im about to take dog out to burn some off lol so where abouts you workin next week?

I can think of another way to burn it off jokes ;p I am bk to ████████ I think

Well there are always ways lol ah thats not to far away. You got z big job there?


Nope not far at all ;) pop by ;) yeah it's a massive job there

So did you have a nice walk?

Well could if wasnt working ;-) well at least keeps ya nice and busy and pennies coming in. So much luck on here?

Got a bit wet on way back as startin to rain lol

Yeah it's started raining here to lol bet ya love getting wet tho haha. No luck on here yet you?

Gettin wet never hurt anyone :-P well this is the first proper conversation iv had:-)

Nope unless I am at work lol. Yeah first for me to ;)

Well can get a bit unwanted at work lol well im glad to do so :-) anythin you ever wanted to do but not had the chance?

What you mean by that? Are we getting sexual now lol

Well wasnt my intention lol wouldnt want to scare you if. Well one thing iv wanted to do us sky diving but if if course you can say anythin you wish ;-)


Haha wouldn't scare me off lol just don't never get a lady say anything like that first lol. Yeah same er to. And some sexual things lol x

Well its equal both ways so you can say anythin of course. But you have me intrigued as im always open minded ;-)

Haha is there nothing else you don't want to do then? X

Now you talkin sexualy now? X

Well there is scubadiving, like to travel around the world. What about you?

Yeah I wouldn't mind doing some traveling seeing some more of the world x

Is there anything else you like to do? X

Yeah many of things ;p have nice car bigger place, kids family lover ;) x

That would be great if i could achieve that myself :-)

Haha same er lol x

:-) hopefuly be lucky too, you done all ya bits round ya house or just relaxin?

Been just relaxing house ain't that bad just toys every where as my twin bro lives with me and has a little boy x

Awww how old is ya bro boy? Good company for you too :-) x

He is only 1 but a night mare lol I would like some different company ;p x

I wouldnt mind the same :-P x

To do what tho? ;p x

Go with the flow anythin we wished :-P

Haha sounds good lol ;p x

Well i do try x

Haha both do ;) x

What would your first time meet luke to be like? Or to do?


I don't know just some where we can have a laugh and get to know each there like a drink in a pub or a meal x

A meal sounds good so we can chat get to know each other :-) x

Yeah does and play footys lol x

Happily play footsy with you ;-) x

Play anything else :) x

You could play anything with me :-P x

Why would your foot go a bit high while playin footsy ;-) x

Oh yeah like what? Hmmm I would like to do that ;p xx

Could relax ya with a nice massage ;-) x

Massage what ;p I give a nice massage xx

Well start with ya back and if you enjoy you can lean back so my hand would go round to massage ya front, i give good massage too :-P x

I want one now lol I give a good massage with my tongue to :p x

Oh what would you like to do then? :-P x

Haha everything ;p would lick ya all over x

Well maybe i could repay the favour or at the same time :-P x

Would be nice, you are getting me excited just thinking about it ;p x

Well glad to get ya happy ;-) always wanted to beadventurous and spontaneous ;-) x

You deff are babe ;) so as we are on the subject what do you like doing and don't like doing or done to you? X

Think I might need a cold shower haha xx

Can i join ;-) not found anythin i dont like at this point, love giving oral, all positions. Kissing

You? X

I wish you could babe ;) I love bj lol do ya sallow or don't get that far to? I love everything to babe just never done anal lol x

Do you squirt? If so never tried but will x

What ya me squirt? X

Never tried what? X

When you said do i swallow

What did ya mean by squirt tho? X

When you cum some woman do

So do you squirt is the question? X

Cum loads yes x

What like gushing water out? X

Im gettin confused here

Haha don't matter I might find out one day lol so do you like anal? X

Never tried, do you?

And do you have snapchat? And no never done it to no one x

Right im this is confusing there is a woman in pic butbyou have said things a bloke woukd please clrify for me

Yea I am a bloke not a women lol

Why you looking for a women?

Well thats the pic your publising

So yes

No it ain't your the first to say that I have all pictures of me and I have just looked

Its a blonde woman in a blue dress by a river

So your not looking for a bloke then?

No lol that not my pic lol your picture is by the sea and it's black and white?

No not me

Really what do ya look like then?

You have only got three pictures on here

I have just put up a moment picture so ya can see who ya talking to x


So are you a bloke or women?

It was just to good to be true