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Hi gorgeous

Nice bike

American or European?


The bicycle in your profile pic

There is no bike in my pics at all

Ahhhh weird

On your profile pic you are standing over a bike with sunglasses on?

Well this is an awkward tinder chat haha


You sure you looking at the right profile?

I wish I could screenshot and send a pic

What's the name?

Haha yes obviously



Deff not my name

This is very strange

Are you fucking with me?

Yea very

Haha no seriously

Right your name comes up as Sadie

I'm so confused right now

On your pics tere is one of you on a bike , huggin a friend

Do you have red hair?

Not my name that sounds like a girls name

My name stars with a J


And what does the age say?

Wtf hell no

Your name says kellie

In your pic you are wearing a green dress with two friends one guy has a horse head mask on


And it's says your 22

Haha tinder fuck up dude this is a guy


very disturbing

Just Unmatch and continue hope this never happens again hah



Thank fuck that didn't get sexual 😳

Good luck amigo!

Faggot fuck outta here

Making a girls profile how much of a loser are you