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Hey you look like a good time.

Where are you from?

I'm from ███████ ;)



Are you living in ███?

Hahah really

Yup. How's your weekend going- staying out of trouble?

Trouble seems to find me no matter what.

Good so far though. I'm at my apartment recovering from last night

How's your weekend going?

Haha I do sense a certain feistiness about you. Kinda remind me of a spice girl actually ;)

Went out too hard last night myself, barhopped to 5 different places in ███ ███

A spice girl?!

Well now you gotta tell me which one

███ is cool lots of good food

Haha I'm gonna say a cross between Posh and Baby. Feisty on the outside, but once you peel away all the onion layers, soft and cuddly on the inside? ;). You tell me

I'm a huge foodie. Are you vegetarian?

Nah I'll eat anything.

I'm a pretty good cook to.


Very nice. So what is it that you do Sadie? You know besides hang out with your spice girl posse all day ;)

Well I'm a property manager for a real estate company in ██████ when I'm not chillen with my hoes

Ah I used to be into real estate. Actually have a salesperson license and was almost gonna go to school in ████████ for real estate development

Now I'm just into bullfighting :)

Not really a superstitious guy but I am a Taurus. Think you could fight me?

Um I think I'd be too much for you to handle haha

Wait you're a guy? :)

I am. And I can handle anything.

Hahaa I dunno Sadie Spice we'll have to see about that

I like ██████, ███████ is my fav place

Yea ███████ is nice. By square mile its the most culturally diverse place in the world.

We should meet up.

Let's grab a drink. When are you free?

Tomorrow evening.

I'm down for a drink

That works. I know a great craft beer place in ██████ ███████. What time can you be there?

7 is best.

Just tell me the name of the place and give me your number.

████████ on ██th and █th

You can text me here :)

You should probably give me your number.

What's that place like ████████?

Cool local spot with great beers

You a beer, wine, or liquor kind of person?

Whisky then beer.

Not crazy about wine but I'll drink anything really.

Except coconut rum can't stand it.

Hahaa good girl with the whiskey

I'm a huge whiskey aficionado

You grow up in ███ ████?

I'm basically just a drinker I wouldn't say aficionado.

Yea I was born in ██████ I went to highschool upstate and moved to █████████ right after.

It's rare to find a native ███ ████er most of us are transplants haha

Oh I thought you lived in ██████ and not █████████

Nah I live in ██████, uptown █████████.

I just work in ██████.

Are you in school?

Haha nope what made you think that

Barhopping 22 yo who is obsessed with the spice girls?

College girl.

What do you do for work?

Haha wait you think I'm 22 years old?

I'm in ecommerce

Well I did.

How old are you?

Haha you can just click on my profile :)

Are you on facebook Sadie?

Don't Sadie me woman. It says 22 right there.

And yea I am.

What's your name I'll request you.

I'm actually a little confused. Do you think that I'm a woman?


Why would you think that ?

It must have been all the pictures of the hot girl on your profile.

So your name isn't Sadie and you're not a girl? It says that in your profile

My name is Krishna I am a dude.

I wanted to sleep with you when I thought you were a curvy ██████an girl.

Now I'm very confused myself

What the fuck. Think there is a glitch

I'm a dude

I'm talking with Sadie it says so here


Is she hot?