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Heyy Kellie 😊


My name is actually ███ btw. notBo lol my fb name is coded so my students can't find me. I'm a teacherrr

Wait really??

lol yeah why did you think my name was Kellie?!?

Lol idk if it says Kellie why shouldn't I believe it. Where do u teach??

Lol wait it says my name is kellie ?

In █████, ██

Haha yesss. What's your real name??

What grades fo u teach


Middle school. 6,7,8

█████ is 5 mins from me lol

Whattt?!? That's awesome where are you from

Wow and your only 22?

Noo lol I'm 25

█████████ ██. Right next to ██████ ██

I don't think I set this thing up right when I made it

I'm brand new to the tinder scene and I guess it's linked to my fb which I haven't used in years lol

Haha ya idk how or why it changed your age and name

Soo weirddd lol

What subjects do u teach?

Technology education. Which is basically an engineering class where we build projects all day lol

Lol that's awesome! Do u also live in █████

Na I'm originally from ████████ but I moved down to ████████ a few months ago

████████ in the █████?


Most ppl don't kno of it lol

Haha ya I've heard of it.

That's awesome

What do you do for work?

I work at a shoprite rn while I'm in school. I'm either gonna be a physical therapist or a PA

Ohh that's awesome

What school do you go to?

This is my last semester at ██████ █████████ college. After this still not sure what school I wanna go to :/

Niceee.. Good for you

You'll find one... ███ ████ has plenty of baller schools

I'm not too sure what the ██████ colleges are like

Thank you :) ya if I decide to stay in ██████ I'm thinking about ███████

Still not sure though lol

Sweet !!

And if you decide do go somewhere in ██ you be super close to me lol...

Are you on insta?

Omg I was just gonna ask u that lol

Ya what's yours I'll add ya


That's weird I can't find you. Add me ██████████

Sorry. No ██ lol just ███████

Wait a sec. I'm really confused not to sound weird but are u a guy or girl. Ur pics on tinder are all girl pics.

Ur insta looks like a guy pick

Yoo all your pics on tinder are girl pics and its says your name is Sadie

I'm a guy dude

Wtf that's a bug out. So am I