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Good morning cutie

Good morning beautiful! Hope your morning is going well.

Thank you baby

How are you?

Good stuck at work :( how about you? Everything's good ?

Just living the dream lol

Work? We could be going to breakfast lol

Omg don't tease me

Not fair

What time are you done with work?

5:30 what did you have planned this sunday ?

Just going to visit my family for a bit

We should hangout tonight

Oh yea where you from? What did you have in mind?

And seeing family is always fun

I live in ██████

In ██████ for work

Idk we can catch a movie or something

Sounds pretty fun

How's work in ██████?

I love it

Where are you from?

███ █████

I'm going to have to do some traveling lol

Omg I feel so bad lol

You can make it up to me lol


I really want to cuddle lol

Cuddles are always fun

Can we make it happen?

I want to so bad but maybe today wouldn't be the best day. Maybe sometime during the week. When I'm free so I can cuddle you as long as you want

I'm only free during the days

I work evenings and nights

Like what time

We can do that during the day or something

Or plan something

Before 3:30

What would you wanna do ?

Snuggle up with you lol

And rest you head on my shoulder


You can run your finger tips along my body

And move the hair that's in your face to look into your eyes

Then I'll kiss you slow and hard

Then I'll pull you close to me to feel your skins radiating energy fall on to mine, and squeeze you.

Now I'm going to climb on top of you

And I'm gonna glide my hands from your neck down your shoulders and over your beautiful tits then down your crease of your back and squeeze your ass and grasp tightly while you motion over me

You can feel my body weight pressing down on you as I lick and kiss your neck

That sounds good

I want it

Can we make that happen?

Should I travel to ██████ ?


I have my own apartment


Sounds promising


Or I can come to ███ █████ and get a room

I love your eyes btw

I love your eyes and big hair



I have a big juicy ass for you to squeeze

I love ass

Like alot

Would you eat it? Lol

Yes if your into that

I am


Than that ass is mine

Stick your tongue deep in it

As deep as you want baby

Can I fuck your ass?


My cock



I've only ever did a finger and tongue

Never a cock

I want to cum in it

So your packing


I'm so sorry but don't swing that way :(

I don't know what packing means lol

Like got a dick

I may have misinterpreted that

You thought I was a girl?

I said I wanted to cum in your ass lol

All the pics lead me to believe that

Well my bad

That's a first


Fun chat tho nonetheless

Thanks for making me cum


It was fun

I guess we're not hanging out


I'll still eat your ass