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Are your parents beavers? Cuz DAM girl

But I'm a guy?

You should've gone with..

Damn are you a campfire? Because you're hot and I want s'more.

Haha what?

You're not a guy

No, I'm pretty sure I am. Just checked my parts and they're boy ones.

Interesting. Pictures of you make you look like a lady


Thought the name would be a giveaway, but I guess I can ask my parents why they gave me a girl name.

Or I should just take the wedding picture down all together to avoid confusion.

If you like I could put you in touch with either the blonde or the brunette.


Every picture is literally a woman

Unless you're a transsexual

Are you fucking with me?

What name comes up?


Not at all

Also no transsexual.

I'm a guy and I'm straight.

That's fucking weird.

Could also explain the lack of matches..

No my name is Gian, and I'm a guy. Sorry if you were looking for a chick.

Lmao why are you using pictures of women

You can put me in touch with either woman

I'm not? I have a pic with me and my cousins from a wedding, but they're into guys. So I don't think I can help you there.

I thought you were joking.

Here I thought I matched with a smokeshow Sadie who's got a good sense of humor, and then I find out you prefer girls.

Haha dude I'm not a Sadie


You're a dude?