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Hello there 😏

Hi hi ! 😏

You're hot, Wyd up this late 😁

You too !

Watching recess ha ha ha

🙈🙈 & haha ! That's what's up :) I'm trying to recuperate from this weekend 💀😂

Oh is it

Mmmm same

In need of spoons or something

😏😏 I could help with that 😋

Oh could you now


Hmm. Possibly ;) depends on where this "spooning" will lead 😂

Often leads to forking

Now, that sounds like a good night ;) you live in █████████ ?


No I live in ██████████████

Do you 'v


What's the difference 😳

I thought it was the same 😂

Like 20 min from █████████ haha

& I leave near ████.


Do you have Instagram by the way? X

Well, if this app is correct, then you're only 18 miles from me

& no, I have facebook 💁

Mark ██████

That is correct


That's my name. So you can find me on facebook

So you don't think I'm a creep 😂

I assume that's why you asked if I had IG


Mark ██████?

Umm, yes. Not sure how you're confused lol

Because that's not your name

On here

This is fucked up

Haha. On what ?



Your name is quiana

Why are you impersonating someone on here

Haha ! Wth? I just looked at my profile.

😂😂😂😂 Quiana ???

Stop playing !!!

Screenshot or I don't believe it 😂


Stop fucking with me

I'm not impersonating anyone 😒

I've printscreens this all you creep

Look me up on facebook

I'm gonna find you and fuck you up

I'm not fucking with you

You fucking creepy fuck


Have you lost your mind ?

Take it easy weirdo 👌✌️😂