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Hey xx

You ok

I'm good thanks, where bouts you live

Same by asda x


Not bad tbh wbu

What did you expect x

Ok then

You calling me a girl

😎 that's more like it



Ahaha I gathered

I'm not holding anything against anyone

So what do you do

I go university

Aru what you do

Ooo sounds decent, I'm off to the gym so I'll speak later

Cheers it was great fun lol

Upto much

Hey :) I love your black and white photo you look stunning xx

Aww cheers xx

So where are you from? Xx

█████ but live in █████████ xx

█████████ is amazing I was there Saturday for lunch . So what do you do for work? Xx

What about you xx

I go university there but part time work at ███████ xx

So what do you do xx

Ahhh we was in ███████ Sunday lol I make carbon fibre parts for f1 carsSo what are you studying? Xx

Forensic science, so where do you xx

Where do I? Xx

Sorry, where do you live xx

Ahhh I see I live just outside of ████████████ so not too far from █████████.So what are you looking for? Xx

What you mean xx

Like do you mean what do I want from meeting new people xx

Yes as in are you looking for a relationship or just for friends... Xx

Relationship but I wanna meet up first, see how things go and if we hit it off then go from there xx

What about you xx

Ahh fair play

?? Xx

Sorry was asleep last night and really busy at work today Yeah I am looking for the same obviously you would have to meet first lol what are you doing today? Xx

Uni then work and go to the gym after xx

I'm free Saturday or Friday afternoon xx

That's a busy day then :) ok well I'll be working Friday and I'm not sure about Saturday yet but when I know if I'm working we could sort something :) xx

Yeah that would be nice :) xx

Do you have what's app as it's easier then talking on here xx

Yeah ok what's app me 07█████████ xx

Just messaged you xx

Cheers for that

Forensic science

Obvs not your number

Unless your actually a guy called George you didn't

Well unless your name is James i dos

Yeah it's good off to work speak later


Off to work speak later

My name is James and I got a message off a guy called George not from you

So who is that picture of


Ahaha going gym in a minute, what's your number so it easier than talking on here

My pic is me? ..I'm a guy called James!?!lol and you are?

So who the fuck is Quianna and the blonde bird, your not gunna try and rape me are you

I'm a bloke

Your a bloke

Why your picture a girl then

Your picture is a girl

All three of them are girls

Lol well your name and pic say your a girl